This is a question asked many times by people both familiar and unfamiliar with the beach. Usually there are two types of people that go to the beach. People that over prepare, and people that under prepare. Frankly, no one wants to go to the beach with a car load of stuff. It’s not practical, and it’s more hassle than being of use.

The following guide will give simple tips on how to maximize enjoyment while at the beach, without having to take too much or too little. Of course we are assuming you’ve already reviewed all the Myrtle Beach hotels available on the Grand Strand, and then picked your favorite!


–       Suntan lotion

–       Aloe Vera

–       2 Towels per person ( Only 1 per person if you have chairs. )

–       Beach bag

–       Sunglasses

–       Flip Flops

Allow me to explain a little bit on each item that was listed. Firstly, the suntan lotion is very important. Although some may wear sunburns as a badge of honor, they are generally pretty painful. So save yourself the trouble and apply suntan lotion generously.

Aloe Vera is generally used to soothe any burns, scratches, etc. Bringing it just in case is always a smart move. Also bringing two towels is a necessity. Reason being, one for drying off, one to lay on. However if you have a chair, then you will only need one towel.

So the next point would be flip flops, to protect you from stepping on broken glass, sharp shells, or anything of that nature. Paired with sunglasses to protect your eyes, you can leave the beach feeling the way you intended.. refreshed. Now how are we going to get all this to the beach? A nice handbag will suit you, and there are many beach shops in Myrtle Beach that will sell them cheap!

Non-essentials but you may want

–       A cell phone

–       Beach toys (Frisbee, kneeboard, etc.)

–       Snacks

–       Music (Radio, ipod, etc.)

–       Lip Balm

–       Rash Guard

–       Hand Sanitizer

Those are just a few of the extra things you can bring to the beach with you. They are not necessities, but they can make the beach experience all the more enjoyable! However please understand you must exercise caution bringing electronics to the beach. Between the humidity, sand, and the ocean … anything can happen. Make sure to store any unused electronics in your beach bag.

Snacks are not super important, but with young children and adult appetites, a little snack can go a long way. Just make sure to rinse your hands off, and use hand sanitizer before putting your hands on the snacks. No need to get sick on your time off!

Beach toys are always fun and add a level of amusement to your Myrtle Beach vacation. Especially if you came with a group, these might be a necessity! Keeping everyone happy is a goal every person should strive for. To protect yourself from some cuts, rashes, and all the other bad stuff, make sure to bring a rash guard. You will be alright without them, however if you plan on surfing it might prevent you from having a slightly painful experience at the beach. So last but not least, the lip balm. You should be okay for a while without lip balm, but it should be applied at least after you leave the beach. This with plenty of water will keep you fresh, and prevent you from dehydration.