The Best Fishing Life Vests

If you are fishing, you should always have a life vest with you. Having one will ensure that you do not become stranded in a remote part of a river or lake, and will also help prevent injuries. The best fishing vests are lightweight, inexpensive, and come with a built-in whistle.

Onyx All Adventure Pike Paddle Sports Vest

The Onyx All Adventure Pike Paddle Sports Life Jacket is a perfect fit for the angling enthusiast. It has features like a D-ring, a snazzy looking lash tab, and a plethora of gear and hand warmer pockets to boot. In fact, it is so slick that it weighs a mere half a pound!

For example, in the Onyx Pike PFD, there is an impressive set of straps that can be swiveled into an array of positions. Aside from that, there are also six gear pockets and a nifty pliers pocket. To cap it off, there are two handwarmer pockets. Not only is this life jacket a delight to wear, it also provides a level of safety that is hard to beat.

In terms of quality, the Onyx Pike Paddle Sports Life Jacket is built to last. This is made possible by a durable and water-resistant polyester shell and a series of reinforced stitching. And since it’s made of nylon, you won’t have to worry about your vest soaking up the inevitable grit and grime that comes with kayaking.

NRS Chinook OS Fishing Lifejacket

If you’re looking for a sea kayaking PFD that delivers on performance, you may be interested in the NRS Chinook OS. With a design that’s optimized for offshore anglers, it will keep you dry and organized, all while making sure you’re visible to roving skiffs. The company is taking its product line to the next level, and you can expect more innovations in the near future.

For starters, you get two knife leashes, the NRS Chinook OS Fishing PFD offers a full rod holder. You’ll also find a VHF radio-specific pocket and a small tackle pocket, all of which will be convenient to access in a pinch. A zippered front ensures a secure fit, and the high-performance materials used in the construction are sure to stand up to the rigors of a long day out on the water.

Stohlquist Fishermen PFD

The Stohlquist Fishermen PFD is designed to be the ideal fishing life vest for kayak anglers. It is a well-organized and highly adjustable PFD that allows fishermen to move about and get the most out of their day.

It is made of rugged construction that provides good range of movement. It is rated as a Level 70 Buoyancy Aid. In addition, the foam material is built to become more comfortable as the wearer becomes more used to the shape and weight of the PFD.

The lower back features a mesh panel that improves ventilation. This is especially important when fishing from a kayak. Moreover, the fisherman PFD also has a cinching chest strap to prevent riding up.

This fishing vest is highly adjustable and has a wide variety of pockets for storage. Those with large gear packs can take advantage of the dual front-mounted tool pouch pockets, which are protected by protective EVA stiffened shells.

Lixada fly fishing vest

Fly fishing vests are ideal for anglers who want to be able to carry all of their gear in a convenient way. They come with a variety of pockets. These can be used to store a wide variety of items, including a fly patch and a water bottle.

The best fly fishing vest will be made of durable materials that can stand up to years of use. It will also provide an excellent level of adjustability. This will allow you to fit into the vest as needed, even when you’re a little larger than average.

The breathable mesh construction helps keep you cool and dry. The material is highly abrasion resistant, so you’ll be comfortable while pursuing your favorite sport.

The Lixada life fly vest comes with a great storage system. Four pockets are located on the chest and two on the sides. There is a small pouch at the back, as well.

Kokatat Leviathan

The Kokatat Leviathan is a well rounded PFD, boasting a plethora of features to keep you on the water. Aside from the plethora of pockets, the Leviathan boasts a highly ergonomic design to boot. There is even a handy dandy fishing net holder on the back of the beast. On the subject of the front of the beast, a high tensile strength ripstop nylon outer shell is used to ensure maximum durability. In addition to this, the Leviathan is also fitted with a high tensile strength neoprene liner to further enhance comfort. Its all in all, this is one of the most advanced PFDs in the industry. Moreover, the opulent helms has been custom engineered to fit over just about any seat frame, ensuring a snug fit.